Home Blessings-Space Clearings: How to Change Negative Energy Using Feng Shui to Enhance Your Life

Your Home is a Reflection of You/Your Life. “Like energy attracts like energy!” Messy home = messy life. Arguments, sadness, health issue and money worries ATTRACT more of the same. Learn how to clear bad energy, bless your home & change your life!
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About This Product:

Life not going the way you want? Does it seem like the arguments, health issues, or “bad luck” continue to increase with time? Does your home look and FEEL dirty - not just visibly, but energetically?
It could be the energies in your home are attracting more of the types of things you DON’T WANT in your life.

Just like cleaning your home in the Spring or when you are expecting company, doing a “Space Clearing” and/or Home Blessing can shake up and remove stagnant, toxic, and negative energy. A Home Blessing can attract positive energy and raise the vibration of your home.
I know this because I’ve lived in ‘bad energy’ homes; I mean they were REALLY BAD ENERGY where violent deaths, serious health issues, and toxic relationships had resided!
I didn’t have the money to pay someone to clear the energy. I did have knowledge and faith I could change the energy my self – which I did. 
The first home I consciously cleared and blessed was in 1990. I had only learned about Feng Shui about 5 years earlier.

Feng Shui, pronounced “Fung Shway,” is an Asian art, science, and philosophy focusing on how the environment affects our lives and how we, as human beings, interact with our buildings.

Since then I have “Space Cleared” or “Blessed” thousands of homes – friend’s homes, client’s homes, and my homes.
It’s not difficult. It does take a little time, thoughtful preparation, some simple “tools” (most of which you probably have around your home), and a clear roadmap to guide you.
In this course you have the roadmap and my guidance. 
The videos (along with a few PDFs) explain: 
  • What is a Space Clearing 
  • What is a Home Blessing 
  • What “tools” are needed, like flowers, candles, essential oils, and sound-making objects 
  • How to set up an altar or sacred space to anchor the process
  • Various objects you might want on the altar
  • Symbology and significance of the Ba-Gua
  • And much more…
Plus what you can substitute if you don’t have certain items.
You can gather items together over time.
Depending on how large your home is, or how much of the space you want to clear or bless, you can do the whole process in as little as an hour. For an average 4-bedroom home, after I have all the “tools” gathered, it usually takes me between 2 and 5 hours. The variation in time occurs due to things like how bad the energy in the space is, if there are stairs or multiple stories, if I have to climb over clutter, and other weird or unusual things.
The shift in the energy can be felt during the process. Sometimes the person doing the actual work is not the first to experience the shift. Children and pets seem to notice it first.
Doing a Space Clearing is like doing Spring Cleaning to the deepest level where you get to the bare wood, under the bed, in the corner of the closet, and into the back of the pantry.
A Home Blessing creates a sense of calm, peace, beauty, clarity, hope, and joy!
I hope you’ll join me. 
Doing the Space Clearings and Home Blessings have become my greatest passion! 
I see how profoundly the previous, negative energy in homes has shifted to create a healthy, happy, and harmonious home for the occupants ~ people, pets, and even the plants!
Whether you are a spiritual or religious person - or not - give yourself, your family, and your life the gift of good, intentional energy in your home to support the life you deserve.
I look forward to seeing you in the course.
Linda Lenore
Feng Shui Master
Internationally recognized award-winning author & speaker
Interior Designer 
Distinguished ASID Speaker & UC Faculty Member
Certified Green Building Professional
Spiritual Coach

Program Details

Intro to Module 1 - Space Clearing & Home Blessings
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Module 1 - What are Space Clearings?
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Module 1 - What is a Home Blessing?
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How to make Holy Water or Salt Water to use in your Space Clearing - Part 1
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How to make Holy Water or Salt Water to use in your Space Clearing - Part 2
Available Now
How to make Holy Water or Salt Water - Part 3
Available Now
Preparing the Plates and Flowers for the Clearing or Blessing - Part 1
Available Now
Preparing the Plates and Flowers for the Clearing or Blessing - Part 2
Available Now

Introduction to Altars
Available Now
Visual Examples of Altars
Available Now
Altar Objects
Available Now
How to Create an Altar
Available Now
Altar Table Layouts using different objects, symbolism, and items
Available Now

The Ba-Gua Map pdf
Available Now
Ideas for using the Ba-Gua in creating your altar
Available Now

The use of musical instruments in Space Clearings and Home Blessings
Available Now
Symbolic Objects and Elements for the Altar
Available Now
Setting up the altar using the Ba-Gua
Available Now
Essential Oils - Part 1
Available Now
Essential Oils - Part 2
Available Now
Essential Oils - Part 3
Available Now
Essential Oils Substitutes
Available Now
How to make your essential oil blends
Available Now
The Role Sound Plays in Space Clearings and Home Blessings
Available Now

Setting Intentions for Your Space Clearing and Home Blessings
Available Now
Setting Intentions with Words
Available Now
Using the Ba-Gua as a Spiritual Tool
Available Now

Quick Clear Tips or for Clearing a Travel Location
Available Now
Suggested items to have for your altar
Available Now
Things for you to do to have the best vitality for doing a Space Clearing/Blessing
Available Now
The Steps for Doing a Space Clearing & Home Blessing
Available Now

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Linda Lenore

Feng Shui Master creating Healthy, Happy & Harmonious Homes. Interior design consultant (60 yrs.), university educator of Green Feng Shui (40yrs.), international best-seller/award-winner author/media personality stimulates success & soothes the soul.
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As one of the first non-Asian Feng Shui Masters in North America, a Certified Green Building Professional and Certified Vital Office/Home consultant (a European designation), Linda is known for creating corporate and home environments that stimulate success and soothe the soul as exemplified by some of her Feng Shui clients: Adobe Systems, Apple Computer, Bank of the West (SF Chinatown), First Republic Bank and The Ritz-Carlton as well as international media celebrities & royalty. With 60 years in the design industry and 40+ years experience in Feng Shui, she’s been featured as an expert in the Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, San Jose Mercury News (Front page 4/3/2000 “above-the-fold”), Better Homes & Garden and several international syndications.
As a Feng Shui Master she blends all schools of this ancient wisdom with interior and landscape design, Universal design and Green/Sustainable building practices. Linda was recognized as an American Society of Interior Designers Distinguished Speaker and a University of California faculty member where she created the course Green Feng Shui, the first course blending green/sustainable design-build practices with Feng Shui. A sought-after/award-winning university guest lecturer, keynote speaker for corporate sales meetings, featured presenter at Home & Garden Shows throughout North America and in a European documentary on Feng Shui, Linda educates, motivates, inspires and transforms her audiences. Her best-selling book, The Gift of the Red Envelope: A Guide to Designing Balance, Order and Beauty in Your Home has been translated into several languages and printed in braille. Her amazing Hallmark Channel segment, Lifetime Media appearances, and presentations have inspired audiences through design, ancient wisdoms, and stories. Her TV appearance on Voice AmericaTV instantly became the 6th most-popular program internationally. She does energy clearings, blesses environments, conducts classes and webinars, writes articles/blogs and creates special events/retreats. She’s known as “The Healing Designer!” 
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