Feng Shui for Realtors

Learn about the ancient Asian philosophy affecting the buying and selling of homes as well as what questions to ask your clients to clarify their involvement with Feng Shui. Presented to several chapters of the California Association of Realtors.
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About This Product:

Feng Shui is an ancient Asian philosophy affecting the buying and selling of homes throughout the world, especially in high-tech metropolitan areas like San Francisco, Seattle, and Silicon Valley. The wrong or right location of the home and placements of doors as well as house addresses may “make or break” a sale.
Topics covered:
  • Learn what questions to ask your clients to clarify their involvement with Feng Shui
  • Understand some of the different “schools” of Feng Shui to help sell a home
  • Discover how to market a home with “Good Feng Shui”
  • Learn principles about Feng Shui to discover if a home is better suited for one culture over another plus how to highlight key features in order to help sell the home 
Linda Lenore is a Feng Shui Master, Certified Vital Home/Vital Office Consultant, Certified Green Building Professional, and Certified Green Building Realtor Specialist. She has been featured on The Hallmark Channel, Lifetime Media, and on the Front Page of the San Jose Mercury News in “Corporate Balancing Acts.” Lenore is a #1 International Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Speaker, and accomplished Feng Shui designer to international celebrities and royalty. She first presented “Feng Shui for Realtors” in 1986.

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Welcome and some of the topics I'll be covering
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About Me, Linda Lenore, my introduction to Feng Shui, and my approach
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In this video I list the major topics I will be covering in this course.
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What is Feng Shui?
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Energy & Symbolism
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Landscape, Landform, and Armchair Feng Shui
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More on Armchair Feng Shui - House & Case Study
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Ba-Gua Schools of Feng Shui
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Other Schools of Feng Shui
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Linda Lenore

Feng Shui Master creating Healthy, Happy & Harmonious Homes. Interior design consultant (60 yrs.), university educator of Green Feng Shui (40yrs.), international best-seller/award-winner author/media personality stimulates success & soothes the soul.
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As one of the first non-Asian Feng Shui Masters in North America, a Certified Green Building Professional and Certified Vital Office/Home consultant (a European designation), Linda is known for creating corporate and home environments that stimulate success and soothe the soul as exemplified by some of her Feng Shui clients: Adobe Systems, Apple Computer, Bank of the West (SF Chinatown), First Republic Bank and The Ritz-Carlton as well as international media celebrities & royalty. With 60 years in the design industry and 40+ years experience in Feng Shui, she’s been featured as an expert in the Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, San Jose Mercury News (Front page 4/3/2000 “above-the-fold”), Better Homes & Garden and several international syndications.
As a Feng Shui Master she blends all schools of this ancient wisdom with interior and landscape design, Universal design and Green/Sustainable building practices. Linda was recognized as an American Society of Interior Designers Distinguished Speaker and a University of California faculty member where she created the course Green Feng Shui, the first course blending green/sustainable design-build practices with Feng Shui. A sought-after/award-winning university guest lecturer, keynote speaker for corporate sales meetings, featured presenter at Home & Garden Shows throughout North America and in a European documentary on Feng Shui, Linda educates, motivates, inspires and transforms her audiences. Her best-selling book, The Gift of the Red Envelope: A Guide to Designing Balance, Order and Beauty in Your Home has been translated into several languages and printed in braille. Her amazing Hallmark Channel segment, Lifetime Media appearances, and presentations have inspired audiences through design, ancient wisdoms, and stories. Her TV appearance on Voice AmericaTV instantly became the 6th most-popular program internationally. She does energy clearings, blesses environments, conducts classes and webinars, writes articles/blogs and creates special events/retreats. She’s known as “The Healing Designer!” 
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